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TabL Digital Menu

TabL is an inovative web platform, providing an easier way for browsing the menu and ordering in your restaurant, bar or hotel.

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    Fast orders

    Shortens the time to receive your order

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    More orders

    Show your menu online and win customers offline

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    Convenient menu

    Open in online even from your home

  • tabl-eco-phone-digital-menu-ordering-system-reservations-system

    Relieved staff

    Make it easier for your staff and serve more tables faster.

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    Online reservations

    One click away from reserving your table

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    Facilitated organization

    Helps all the processes in your restaurant.

Our services

TabL - Digital menu

Attract the attention of your customers with an innovative menu

Edit your menu with a few clicks

Easily advertise new additions, follow the interest of customers

Save your customers time

Collect feedback easily

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TabL - Online ordering system

Eco solution for your restaurant

Increase your sales

Reduce service time

Reduce waiter mistakes

Start accepting online orders by delivery, pick-up or from the place

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TabL - Reservation platform

Use the full capacity of your restaurant

Distribute the load in your restaurant

Automatic distribution of reservations by tables

Allow your customers to choose their food in advance

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How TabL works

Customize to your system


/to suit your work style/

Start accepting online orders


/by delivery, collection from the site or on site, scanning QR code/


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