TabL - Ordering system

Digital menu and Ordering system TabL

TabL - Ordering system

Benefit from innovation. We present to you a ready-made system for accepting orders online by delivery, pickup or on spot by scanning a QR code!
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Why "TabL Ordering system"?

  • tabl-communication-waiter-client

    Eliminates inaccuracies and errors when placing an order

  • tabl-information

    Allows you to view the bill and the order at any time.

  • tabl-waiter-bill

    Makes calling the waiter and asking for the bill faster and easier.

  • tabl-notifications-mobile

    Notifiies when an order arrives.

  • tabl-ordering-desktop

    You can view and manage the orders from any place at any time.

  • tabl-ordering-desktop

    Relieves staff and allows more tables to be served faster

How it works - Ordering system

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